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Written by / Saturday, 25 August 2012 / 6 Comments

Bag lady

Cue in the song 'bag lady' by Erykah Badu..... "Bag lady you gone hurt your back dragging all them bags like that I guess nobody ever told you all you must hold on to is you, is you, is you..." lovely song but I'm referring to a different kind of baggage.

Bags were my first love way before lipsticks.... (once upon a time I didn't even like lipsticks!!! that's a story for another day.) bags make my heart skip beats... x_x

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite bags in no particular order:

Black Balenciaga city. this was my first bbag and it started a mini obsession....

Jumbo Chanel; when I first saw this bag my heart skipped several beats!! 

Louis vuitton petit noe I love the colour and the texture.

top two clutch bags are from my mum. My mum had a lot of beautiful bags but unfortunately, she didn't keep most of them. :( so i'm appreciative of those that she did keep... ( I will definitely keep all my bags for my daughter(S) )   

I fell in love with this bag as soon as I saw Carrie (SATC) with something similar and I just had to have it so I hunted it down :)

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a great day!
vieve xx


  1. That Jumbo Chanel gets me all hot, bothered and flustered. Pure bag porn!!

  2. :D my fellow bag lady! Your GGH bbag and Paraty have the same effect on me :)

  3. J'adore le jumbo chanel!

  4. Your mum's purses rock! Love the LV bucket style bag too :)


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