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Written by / Wednesday, 8 August 2012 / 2 Comments

High Bun and Russian red lips

hey guys, i wore this outfit over the weekend. went to help a friend move :) i walked in and her sister was like o.o this is not a "moving" outfit. but when you look good you feel good and i'd been down so i wanted to lift my spirits 

i  relaxed (chemically straighten) my hair that morning. hair has grown but it's 'layered' i can't wait for the shortest bit (front hair) to hit arm pit length. longest bit (back) is currently at armpit length :) will probably get rid of the layers when the front gets to my desired length.

top: river island . jeans: cheap monday. bag: virgos lounge

wearing m.a.c's 'russian red' lipstick. i love the fact that it's not as drying as some other matte lipsticks by m.a.c. also wearing sleek's 'scandalous' blush.
(blogging from my phone so apologies if it looks weird)

have a great day! xx


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