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Hey dolls, How's the weekend going? Good I hope. Here's an outfit I wore to have lunch with my friend at Cactus. I'm so in love with this shirt and I know I will wear it over and over again. I've been toying with the idea of buying some white jeans and I think this top with white jeans would be oh so nice! Unrolling the sleeves and throwing a blazer over it would instantly make it formal. Can you tell how just how much I love it? I dunno what 'skin' this print is though looks reptilian. If you know please enlighten me. I want a leopard print shirt I'm amazed that I don't own one. That needs to be rectified soon!

shirt: thrifted | jeggings: New look | necklace: gift from mum | bag: Chanel | watch: Dolce & Gabbana

I rolled up the sleeves cause of the heat and to make it less formal. I also tied a mini knot as well for unknown reasons. lol but, I liked how it turned out so I stuck with it.

Glasses: Fendi | A few of my friends have asked that I take pictures outside... so this was an attempt. I must say it wasn't easy.... had to balance the camera on a car and use the timer. Going back and forth in the blazing sun was not fun. Plus I probably looked super crazy to anyone that could see me. lol  

close up look of my mug :D wearing mac "chatterbox" on my lips and a mix of mac "breezy'' and sleek "rose gold" on my cheeks.

here's what I ate... when I was done there was nothing left! If I've never mentioned it, I LOVE food! :D:D:D

love, faith and happiness!
vieve xx 


  1. Your skin is glowing something fierce!

  2. Nice combo. You do know to make an ordinary outfit look extra ordinary.

  3. Love the top Nomzy, i'm leaning towards it being a croc print!

  4. Thanks! Yeah I agree it does look like croc.

  5. I think it might be snake skin. Maybe python, Looks kinda similar to the python bag you have. Love the lipstick, you know I love pink ;)
    Please follow me on twitter @vicotvs ;D

    N.B. When are you gonna do the post we talked about?

    1. Lol Mrs Vico!! Python? :s I have a python bag?! Lol... That post ehn..... Soon Lol

  6. Yup, def looks like python print. Love it!


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