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Hair talk.

Hey guys, 

One of my readers (Ibiayo) requested I do a post talking about my hair regimen...I'm going to try and be as brief as possible.

.: I'm not an expert, I'm only stating what I do personally. This method will not work for everyone but hopefully you'll learn one or two things... :.


I wash my hair once a week without fail. most times I 'co-wash' ie washing with a conditioner instead of the usual shampoo. since conditioners actually have cleaning properties, cleaning can be achieved without drying the hair. when I do use a shampoo I try and use a sulphate free one Or my "black soap shampoo" basically I melt/dissolve some black soap (the village type not dudu osun etc not that you can't use that. I just haven't) in water and add honey and or oils.

I use these to co-wash. I buy them from "final point" supermarket in Opebi.  they retail for about 300-400 Naira.
After washing I deep condition. The mixture I use depends on what I have at the moment. But it always consists of a conditioner (eg Queen Helene cholesterol, Lustrasilk cholesterol plus etc) oils such as: castor, coconut and olive oil and a few drops of essential oils ranging from peppermint, tea tree, lavender, rosemary or eucalyptus depending on what I have honey, and or glycerin. Sometimes I add some hair mayonnaise to this mixture depending on what I feel my hair needs. I mix it well and apply to my hair - make sure your hair isn't dripping wet though! I usually wrap my hair in an old t shirt and allow the shirt soak up most of the water before applying the mixture. I try not to use towels on my hair cause I find them to be too rough. - I put on a shower cap and use my hair therapy wrap for an hour.. Before I got the hair wrap I just wrapped my head with a towel.

hair therapy hair wrap

I always air dry. The only time I use heat on my hair is when I relax or when they straighten my leave out after getting a sew in weave. I try and use a heat protectant.

The earliest I relax my hair is 10 weeks but I usually aim to relax every 12 weeks..I do this in a bid to try and reduce overlapping and over processing of my hair. I also make sure they don't relax the whole length of my hair. I find they tend to do this a lot here so I pay attention whenever I relax.

I try and oil/moisturise my scalp/hair at least 3 times a week but I aim for every other day. I also do "protective'' styles- buns, braid outs etc. I think I'll stop here.... :)

Ibiayo  if you have any questions please ask.

Happy hair growing,
vieve xx


  1. Yay!! Tnk u soo much.. So I shld
    A. Cowash @least once a week
    B. Use sulphate free shampoo wen/if I wanna use shampoo
    C. Deep condition
    D. Try as much as possible to airdry
    E. Moisturise.
    Wat oil/moisturiser do u use?
    Ur d best!

    1. Lol, exactly! I use castor, coconut n olive oil mix I try and add a few drops of some essential oils if i have any. I like coconut n herbs by Emily millionaire to moisturize or carrot oil by organic root stimulator. Thanks! X

    2. Tnx a lot vieve. Ur d best :)

  2. Am definitely going to try this. Bin abandonin my hair for a while now. Nice blog btw.

    1. Thank you Chinasa. I'm guilty of abandoning my hair now and then too. Please let me know how it goes should you try my regimen... :)


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