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Written by / Monday, 8 October 2012 / 6 Comments

mini beauty haul

hey! quick post on some items I picked up recently...

The moisturizer is from I'd been using Olay beauty fluid and layering sebamed 50+ spf on it but I felt the sebamed might be too heavy for my already oily skin so I decided to try this moisturizer from Neutrogena. It has spf 30 which is good enough and isn't heavy. 

I stumbled on these items when I went grocery shopping in the ikeja mall. A store called Poise had an LA girl stand with nail polishes, eye and lip liners, foundation and lipsticks..I knew I couldn't leave without buying something. Decided on these items. my mum had been going on about wanting "cracked" polish (I think that's what it's called) so I got this for her  us they had a variety of colours as well as regular and glitter nail polish.  The nail polish cost 800 Naira, lipstick 750 Naira and the eye liner (marker) was 800 Naira.

I've used the eye liner and it lasted about 9 hours (til I was ready to take off my make up)  will do a review when I've worn it a few more times... Can't comment too much on the lipstick as I'm yet to swatch it or wear it. When I opened it I  did notice that it's very perfumed. 

.: the store also had a variety of other make up products from mary kay, mac, maybelline (mascaras):.




  1. Neutrogena's visibly even's rily nice. Heard lots of ppl rave abt it. Oh and dt lipstick luks gud frm here.. Is it fuschia? No matter how hard I try, i js can't get in2 d nail Lyk I wldnt willingly use my money 2 buy nail polish. I'd rather 'borrow' someone else's -_-
    P.s : U dint say wat store u got d items frm @ d mall. xx

    1. Yea I'm liking the moisturizer so far. My mum's obsessed with nail polish so I'm surrounded by them lol. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention the name of the store x_x it's called 'poise' opposite casabella if I remember correctly.

      Thanks for stopping by! Xx

    2. It's not fuchsia. It's like a berry colour will do a post on it ASAP.

  2. I like poise, got black matte polish and nude one from there...also got the L.A. Girl lipstick in nude and it's been alright so far.

    1. Really? I have to go back and look for matte nail polishes :) they had a few lipsticks that caught my eye. What's the nude lipstick called? i Can't stop thinking about a light pink colour I saw. I feel another haul coming on! X_x

      Thanks for stopping by! X

  3. Lol! I know the feeling. The nude I got is "beau" ...had a hard time choosing one 'cause they had a couple of nudes that looked good and I was confused :( Will probably go back for a slightly darker nude. Yes to another haul! :D


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