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Written by / Wednesday, 10 October 2012 / 6 Comments

Review: Black opal 'oil blocking' powder

Hello ladies (....and gentlemen?) another review for you guys! :) If you're a frequent reader I'm sure you know I have oily skin. So I'm constantly looking for ways to keep the oil at bay and prevent my face from turning into a grease pool. I got this item earlier this year.. Didn't do a review earlier 'cause  I didn't think it was available here in Lagos. However, I spotted it on so I decided to do a review.

 I placed my palm over the mirror because of the camera flash. Mine came with a puff but I don't use it. For hygienic reasons, I use a brush.

Price: 1,650 Naira for 10.4g. Personally, I think the price is awesome.

Availability: If you're in Lagos it can be purchased on-line  from Konga (click to take you to product).

Quality: Initially, I was a bit sceptical about this powder. But after using this product for a while, I must say that it does help my make up go the extra mile (bear in mind that the foundations I use cater to my oily skin so they claim to be long lasting while controlling oil) when I don't set my foundation with this powder my nose gets oily in a matter of minutes. (no joke) but when I use this powder the oil is kept at bay for a lot longer. However, I do need to blot my nose and other oily areas about once or twice in the day but that's it.

Packaging: Compact is sturdy. It's easy to open. (sometimes I struggle while trying to open certain compacts). It  Comes with a mirror which would be good for on the go touch ups. The one available at comes with a mini kabuki brush!  Which is fabulous. Mine didn't come with a brush :(

Would I recommend? Yes. I think It's an inexpensive item that will help us oily ladies keep our foundation on for longer. So far, I haven't had any breakouts or reacted adversely in anyway which is good cause my skin is very temperamental! 

Ps: Don't let the colour of the powder put you off it really is "invisible" when applied. 

Hope this was helpful!

vieve xx


  1. Hey! Do you use a brush to apply this or the puff that came with it?

    1. Hi! I use a brush to apply the powder.

      thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hey..just stumbled on your blog..I have very oily skin annoying..this powder is should try the black opal ultra matte fix..very good too..I love your nail polish..what is the name?

    1. Hi Soso thanks for the recommendation. Is it available here in lagos? My nail polish is by Jordana it's called boy oh boy.

  3. I usually just use MAC's Blot Powder even when I don't have on makeup if my skin is getting oily. I'll be looking this brand up! Thanks!

    1. Hi! funny thing is I actually have mac's blot powder but I have used it probably 5 times. I will give it another go and maybe compare it to black opals version.

      thanks for stopping by!


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