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Written by / Saturday, 13 October 2012 / 4 Comments

Review : La girl 'Romance' lipstick

Hiya! I did a mini haul post a few days ago on some beauty items I'd gotten and this is a review on one of the products shown...

Let me introduce you to La girls 'Romance' lipstick:

Price: This lipstick cost 800 Naira.

Availability: This lipstick was purchased from a store called 'Poise' located at the Ikeja mall. At the time of purchase they had quite a few of this shade available and several other shades.

Quality: I was impressed with the quality of this lipstick. It lasted a few hours through eating, drinking and talking up a storm. It did fade gradually but for the price I really wasn't expecting it to last as long as it did.

Packaging: I had no problems with the packaging, the transparent cap made it easy to locate the desired lipstick shade. and the cap stayed on while in my bag. (I hate when lipstick caps come off and make a mess.)

Overall thoughts - I honestly don't have anything bad to say about this lipstick. It's cheap, has decent lasting power, doesn't require to many swipes (i.e it's not sheer). The perfumed smell I mentioned in the haul post wasn't there when I went to wear it. I liked this lipstick so much I went back to pick up two new shades to try and they didn't have any 'perfumey' smell when I opened them.

Would I recommend? Yes

I'm wearing 'Romance' in the picture above. It has been applied straight from the tube without a lip liner.

Hope this post was helpful,
vieve x


  1. I think I will be making a visit to poise SOON. Need 3 lipsticks. Red, pink ( Nicki Minaj pink lipstick shade) and nude. Any tips on what I shld go for?

    1. They had a red lipstick which looked nice but I can't remember the name. I picked up a 'nudey' colour called 'rendezvous' didn't see any pink shade similar to the Nicki lipstick. But there was a fuscia pink that looked good. Hope this helped!

  2. Wld defntly chek out poise d next tym am @ d mall. :)

    1. You should! Let me know how it goes! X


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