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Written by / Saturday, 10 November 2012 / 6 Comments

Lipstick series | Lilac and berries...

hey guys! here's the fifth and final post in the lipstick series I used to have 6 lipsticks in this group but my 'amethyst' lipstick (sleek) seems to be AWOL  I've been stalling on getting a new one 'cause I feel like it will turn up as soon as I get a new one -_- I do love the lipstick so I will probably cave in soon. I also have my eye on 'Majestic' also by sleek. hopefully I can get my hands on it. anyway, on to the matter at hand :)

(L-R) Revlon: 'Lilac' | Nyx 'Fusion' | Ccuk: 'Claret' | Jordana 'Berry' | Mac 'Rebel'

revlon - lilac

nyx - fusion

ccuk - claret

jordana - berry

mac - rebel

(L-R) Revlon: 'Lilac' | Nyx 'Fusion' | Ccuk: 'Claret' | Jordana 'Berry' | Mac 'Rebel'

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vieve xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. Claret is definitely a favourite. And I bought it for just 200 naira! I wish I bought a back up.

  2. Lovely colours


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