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Written by / Wednesday, 10 July 2013 / 2 Comments

Décolleté fashion lounge

Hey guys! 

Last week i learnt of a jewellery 'store' called  "Décolleté fashion lounge" from a fellow blogger (Ez of beautyinlagos) and my inner shopaholic couldn't resist so, I placed an order for some knuckle rings.

My package came in this box. I was surprised by the size since I ordered just knuckle rings. So imagine the joy when I opened it and saw this...

I was gifted some chocolates and a mirror *big big grin* the rings are in the small box.

The rings fit perfectly and seem to be made well. (I can't speak too much on durability since I haven't worn them for long enough)

Overall I'm super pleased with the service   I received from start to finish. Will definitely be ordering from them again soon.

To order, go to:

Take note of the code of the item you want to purchase and send an email to

They'll reply with an invoice and instructions. 

I'll post pictures on Instagram (@unoma_) when I rock the rings so be sure to check it out. (Please share your purchase(s) with me I'd love to see. 😉)

Ez, thanks for sharing this info!

Happy shopping,
Vieve xx 


  1. THank You so much darling Vieve!!! we really and truly love your post and your honesty! We are so glad you love your pretty goodies! please @shopdecollete on IG and #shopdfl

    Peju - DéColleté Fashion Lounge Founder


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