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Written by / Monday, 16 September 2013 / 2 Comments

Jewellery haul

Heylo, How's it going? Some time last month while at the mall my friend dragged me into a store called "Mr Price" and I'm so glad she did.  I cannot count how many times I'd gone past that store previously. Normally, when I go to the mall (ikeja city mall) my stops are - M.A.C, Casabella and or Poise and then I'm off! Please explore don't be like me. Lol
The top right earrings are from 'diva' everything else was gotten from Mr price over two visits. Now i make sure I stop by there before I leave the mall. 

Top row (clockwise)

inverted triangle with turquoise accent - 1,000. 
black drop earrings - 1,400.
drop earrings - 900.
gold 'spike' (from diva) - 850.
feather earrings - 1000.
neon accent earring - 510 (on sale) 

all prices quoted are in naira. Can you say cheap and cheerful? :D

* I've worn 3 already (feathers, neon and the drop ones) and I've had absolutely no issues*



  1. Talk about a bargain...Mr Price is really affordable!
    What happened to your lipstick challenge? We're waiting for new posts :)

    1. Babe, Amazing! Lipstick challenge is still on. New post is up at the moment. Thanks for stopping by.


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