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Written by / Tuesday, 24 September 2013 / 7 Comments

New in | Riri woo!

Hey guys,

I went to the supermarket to get water and cookies and I made my usual stop at the beauty section (looking for sleek's exaggerate lipstick) and I stumbled upon a Riri woo lipstick! I squealed and rushed to purchase - after making sure the lippy was intact *eye roll* (story for another day) I've wanted this and Riri boy for so long. I know it's supposedly a dupe for "ruby woo" but i don't currrr! Running low  on ruby woo anyway. (This is how I justified the purchase lol) 

*i got this for 3,900 naira from Ebeano supermarket in Lekki phase 1. however, this was the last one there :(*



  1. I like this intense color :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  2. Amazing blog and nice post!! Would you like to follow each other?? Let me know.. :)



  3. Lucky You!!! I just ordered from my makeupng.. I had been holding off but i decided to purchase since it was limited edition packaging also... :D .. Besides i saw Mac's Sheen Supreme lipstick in "love forever' AT EBEANO for 3000. :O Im kicking myself for not purchasing it

    1. I like the new packaging I should have waited. I wish they'd rerelease 'riri boy' I need it. Ahhh you should have bought it. I've never tried any of the sheen supremes maybe I'll look when next I'm there. X


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