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Review | Sleek brow kit.

Hey girls! Here's another review. I had been itching to try a brow kit for a while now and I kept coming across the one Zaron makes but I never got it cause it was just powders and I was after one with a wax. I literally chased down the brow kit from Sleek. Below are pictures of said kit.

I'm so sorry for the messy pictures I thought I'd taken pictures of the kit before I began using it but alas that wasn't the case :(

There are four shades available ( light, dark,  extra dark and black) I went for dark (818).

Price:  I got this for about 1,500 Naira (maybe less I can't remember the exact figure x_x) considering the amount of product in this kit I think it's a steal.

Packaging: This kit comes in a black matte compact with an inner mirror, mini tweezers, mini flat brush and a mini angled brush.  In this kit is a wax - to shape and hold hairs in place and a powder to set.

Thoughts:  This is my first foray into the land of brow kits so I really didn't know what to expect.

I use the wax to define and shape my brows using the angled brush. Set with the powder using the flat brush. (As directed) Then I run a spooly through my brows 'arranging' them.

I was pleased with the fact that the wax holds my hairs in place (my left brow is a bit unruly so this is very necessary) and the powder does what it should. I didn't have any problem handling the brushes
 ( I thought I would cause I've never used brushes that small) I'm yet to use the tweezers so I can't comment on that. 
**If I could make any changes to the kit I would add a spooly.**
If you've been on the fence about Brow kits I urge you to give this a try it's a great inexpensive product.

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