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Written by / Tuesday, 15 October 2013 / 2 Comments

New in | Barefaced

Hey guys!
Sorry for going quiet, my skin was acting up so putting on some slap was the last thing on my mind. I've managed to get it under control just dealing with residual issues now....

So, I bought a new lipstick (hides face)

I spotted this last week and fell in lust after swatching it. Unfortunately, they didn't have any in stock. So I was pleased when I spotted it yesterday. (I guess it was meant to be lol)

Barefaced is a lovely peach colour; I'll probably need to pair it with a lip liner to make it wearable. Will definitely do a FOTD (face of the day) post when I get round to wearing it.

This is my first product from Zaron. Any Zaron lovers out there? I'd love to hear (read) recommendations if you have any.

Price - 1,500 Naira  
Place of purchase - Ebeano supermarket Lekki phase 1.

Eid el Kabir! To my Muslim readers :)

Thanks for stopping by,
Vieve xxx


  1. My Zaron nude lipstick leaves urgly white patche on my lips...its so annoying. I dnt know if I got d expired one but I bought it from their shop

  2. Oh wow that's horrible! :( could it be an allergic reaction? Or the lipstick just doesn't go on smoothly? If it's the latter have you tried exfoliating and moisturising your lips prior to applying the lipstick? hopefully this one doesn't give me issues. Thanks for sharing! X


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