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Written by / Tuesday, 31 December 2013 / 2 Comments

30 day lipstick challenge | Zaron's "Tinky winky"

Hey guys! 

How's it going? Great I hope. I told myself there's no way I'm carrying this "challenge" into the new year and I must finish it. Today I was in such a rush that I left for work without lipstick :( and all the lipsticks in my makeup bag had been featured already.... However, I found a picture of me wearing Zaron's "Tinky winky" lipstick (Score!!!)

I was going to buy this lipstick but I decided to try my friend's first. I thought there was absolutely no need forit because I already have a number of lipsticks that are a similar shade.

Not wearing the lipstick in the picture above (obviously) but I like how my brows look so I'm throwing it in. :D

Love and Light,


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