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Written by / Tuesday, 4 February 2014 / 5 Comments

New in | Tejuosho

Hey guys! Happy new yearrrr! (Is it too late to say it?) how's 2014 treating you? Awesomely I hope. 
I picked up a couple of things from  House of Tara last month... 2 lipsticks, an eye pencil and a mascara. I'll talk about each item in individual posts so I don't bore you guys. 
First on the show and tell list is a lipstick called "Tejuosho

Taken indoors without flash 

Taken with flash

With flash 

Without flash or the glare from the sun. 


All the House of Tara (HoT) lipsticks I own come in a sleek slim black bullet which I like. The cap is secure (don't you hate it when your lipstick cap comes off and messes up your makeup bag or worse your bag!) 
Now I have a slight problem with this lipstick it's supposed to be a matte finish but it's not!! I purchased the lipsticks from their studio in Lekki but I didn't bother trying them on cause I was pleased with the finish of "Onitsha" so imagine my surprise and annoyance when I realised they weren't actually matte. :( 

Taken without flash / glare of the sun.

Taken facing the sun; without flash.

I needed about 3 swipes of the lipstick to achieve this intensity.

I suggest you purchase your HoT lipsticks from one of their studios so you can try them on first. Minus the non matte issue, this lipstick isn't bad. It's long wearing, and fades into a pretty "stain"

Purchased for 1,400 Naira.

Love & light


  1. A new post....yay!!!! The colour of the lipstick is gorgeous, you know I die for my dark colours (when i'm not stanning for nudes)

    1. I know! You should try Revlon's "Black cherry" lipstick I think you'd like that. Oooh try mac's "velvet teddy" honey! It's my go to nude now. Xx

  2. i think this will serve as a substitute for wet n wild's sugar plum fairy for me. im GETTING this


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