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Written by / Monday, 3 March 2014 / 7 Comments

Review | Zaron "Brow Definer"

Hey beauties!

How's it going? I got this Zaron "brow definer" in December. A Zaron retailer came to my office to deliver products to my friend and after much convincing I succumbed and bought 2 items. This being one of them.

I'd seen this brow kit at Ebeano several times but I always felt like I'd be better off  with a kit with a wax/gel .... Anyway after she did a demo on me I was sold. 

Kit is made up of 2 powders, mini brushes - mini angled brush and a mini spooly (haven't used these I apply the powders using an elf angled brush)

(Picture taken outside in natural light. No flash) 

My eye brow routine depends on my mood and or hairstyle. In the picture above, I've used a brow pencil and layered the powders from the Zaron kit over it. Because I wanted "bold" brows.
(Taken indoors with natural light, no flash) 

In these pictures (above and below)  
I've used just the Zaron kit. I use both powders. Using more or less of one shade depending on the desired intensity. Generally I use the darker shade to "outline" and fill in from the "arch" towards the tail then do a mix of both for the beginning bit. Hopefully I've explained my routine properly. Lol

(Taken indoors, no flash)

Price: 1,300 (I think it's 1,500 at Ebeano)

Availability: this kit is almost always in stock whenever I go to Ebeano. Alternatively, Check or contact a Zaron rep.

Aesthetic: I like the packaging. Simple matte black with silver writing. Looks more expensive than it is. 

Quality: the powders are pigmented and their lasting power is ok. If I haven't touched my face during the day there's minimal fading. 

Would I recommend? Yes and No

Yes cause i like this kit it does what it's meant to. I like that you can control the shade by mixing both colours. 
No because i don't think it's essential. However, i must say that i do reach for this quite often. 

I've only ever seen this particular shade so i'll go ahead and assume it comes in just one shade. (correct me if I'm wrong).

What's your eyebrow routine like? Pencil, powder? Gel? All 3? I'd like to know :)



  1. thanks for this post been thinking about getting it pls can u tell me the lipstick u used?its lovely

  2. thanks for this post been thinking about getting it pls can u tell me the lipstick u used?its lovely

    1. Hi Oluwaseyi, I'm wearing a house of Tara lipstick called Onitsha.
      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Hi, I just got a zaron powder from Ebeano too and was looking around the internet for any helpful reviews on Zaron products as this was my first time getting their brand. I am glad i came across your review on this brow definer,so i may consider getting it also. Nice review and i love your lip colour.


  4. Hello Dear, i nominated your nlog for the Liebster Awards , i hope you'll find time to read all about it in the link ... Have a great day...x


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