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Written by / Tuesday, 1 April 2014 / 2 Comments

Maybelline MakeUp Fair

Hey guys!

How's it going? I went to the Maybelline Makeup fair (MMUF) on Sunday 30th of March. There was a free "master class" but honestly, I wasn't too interested in that i even got there kind of late. I was just after some makeup! Lol unfortunately, I didn't see anything I fancied *boo!!*.... Day wasn't a total bust though cause I FINALLY got to meet some beauty bloggers. Precious the blogger behind DazzleBeautie is such a sweetheart :D

Comfort is KEY for me so I decided to wear this...

Outfit-  chiffon Iro and buba
Sandals - Antik batik
Bag - Chanel

We had a mini photo session, here are a couple more pictures 

I loved her makeup... I've decided I need to learn how to apply false lashes...wish me luck!

I'm wearing MAC Viva Glam Nicki 1 and Ruby woo. I actually like this combination  a lot. 

Did you attend the MMUF?


  1. I actually set the date for it, but forgot and remembered yesterday :(. Been forgetting a lot for a few days now.

  2. Cute dresses :) M&MFAHIONBITES


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