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New in | Dr Bronner's Magic Soap 18-in-1 Hemp Rose Pure Castile Soap

Hey guys! 

Quick post on my newest skincare purchase. A while back my skin broke out terribly! **boohoo** I've finally managed to get it under control (touch wood) and during this "journey"  I decided to take a gentler approach to things. Initially, I cut out soap but I missed the foam lol I did black soap for a while but that stripped my skin a bit too much plus my other treatments are a bit drying. Anywayyyyy I decided to try this soap after doing some research.
This soap is made predominantly from organic oils.

I haven't used it long enough (5 days) so I can only  give my initial thoughts. 

The first thing I noticed upon opening this soap was the smell! It was so strong I found this strange  since  I  chose this fragrance thinking   It would be mild and because it was pink lol. 
For a few days I wished I'd picked up the peppermint fragrance instead. Now don't get me wrong, the smell isn't bad. It smells sickeningly sweet to me. I'm just very sensitive to smells so it was a bit much. I've since gotten used to the smell.

 This soap lathers very well, a little goes a long way. some people dilute it but I didn't. My face feels clean without that dry, tight feeling one tends to get with some soaps/washes like with black soap my face felt so tight after. It was always a race to slather moisturiser and or oil on my face (yes I use oils on my face) 
Anyway, so far so good. 

***Side bar, if you decide to purchase this soap pls don't be scared by all the weird quotes written on the label. Dr Bronner allegedly suffered some mental illness and his kids thought it would be cool to incorporate some of his quotes in the label***

Purchased from Kinky Apothecary in L'Espace
Price : 1500 Naira
Fragrance: Rose

Here's to a blessed week!


  1. I love Dr. Bronners! I use it to shower and wash my hair lol

    Maggie A

    1. Haven't tried washing my hair with it. I should give it a go soon. Thanks for stopping by


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