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Hi lovelies,
 I have been slightly obsessed with brows lately my friends are probably tired of listening to me go on and on about brows. 
I'm all about FULL groomed brows! I'm in the process of growing mine out at the moment... after a harrowing waxing experience, my left brow has been seriously traumatised. Plus I find that naturally, my left brow takes longer to grow back in so I have recruited some help to hasten the growth process (I will do another post on that soonish)
here are some pictures of brows that are currently rocking my boat!


                    Cara  Delevingne

Lily Collins

How gorgeous are these ladies?...  What's your current beauty/make up obsession? 

I don't own any image used in this post, all images were gotten via google.


  1. Hehe... same with me. The first thing I notice in anyone's face is their brows followed by eyeliner application. Un/fortunately, my friends and I have the same obsession for brows so we always have a good laugh :| (we're not mean lol)

    1. Lool I think the first thing I notice is the nose (story for another time) but I get what you mean about the brows I think I they stand out to me if they're 'elaborate' or just plain weird. Xx

  2. I think barbara of 1923 .com should be here her brows r full n so well groomed.I lv brows too but im into arches.

    1. Lol. I used to be into arches but my brows have suffered cause of them so I'm giving them a much needed rest now


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