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Let's go shopping | EVE and TRIBE (Rukky Simone)

hey lovelies!
Did a little retail therapy recently in my usual shopaholic nature 
Can you guess what's in my shopping bag?

did you guess? Let me help you :)

I bought this....  

...and this! :)

These are separates (top and skirt)
 I have already thought of soooooo many ways to wear these pieces
funny story, I'd been shadowing the tops for a while, I went to Grey velvet no luck, sent Claire an email but for some reason mails were getting lost in transmission and stuff so that route didn't work out, checked Fashpa no luck so I just chilled... On Sunday evening I was browsing and I stumbled on their website (they didn't have one where you could purchase previously) and  what did I see? the pieces I'd been eyeing were on SALE! the way I sharply ordered them ehn 
The shopping process was quick and efficient. Delivery was super fast. Item was delivered on Tuesday morning. I was contacted at every point of the transaction which is helpful if you're impatient whilst waiting for a package like me.

I have got my eye on some other pieces (read everything !!) 

check out for more mouth watering pieces!

Price: 5,000 naira per set (top and skirt) 
Delivery price: 500 naira (within Lagos)
based on my experience I would recommend them

what items do you like?
Maybe I'll try and resume outfit posts so I can show you guys how I wear them.


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