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Written by / Monday, 4 August 2014 / 2 Comments

Nail'n it | Random Nude (Updated)

hey guys!
This week I'm rocking a nudeish colour on my nails. I can proudly say that I do not have this colour in my (personal) nail polish collection my mum might have though. Unfortunately, this is a random polish hence the title. I wasn't going to do a post but I thought the colour was way too pretty not to share. I purchased this from my salon....took my friend to get her hair and nails done. I picked out this colour for her and when she was done I had to have it. I can include a picture of the nail polish if any one is interested just let me know.

slightly obsessed with this colour. been looking at my nails a lot more than usual. I need to find a colour close to this by a better nail brand (Ebeano nail polish lady help a sister out)

#Sorrynotsorry for the picture overload
DIY manicure as per usual . do you like this colour or am I just gassing myself? Lol
what colour are you guys rocking on your nails?
here's to a prosperous week filled with love and positive vibes!



  1. LOVE IT! I'd stare at my nails too if I were you. I'm such a nude lover, picture of the polish please, so I can try to hunt it down.

    1. Thank you! Updated as requested :)


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