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Hey Hey Heyy!
How are you doing? Hope you are having a blessed week so far. Today I'm wearing one of the Rukky Simone (Eve and Tribe) pieces I purchased recently (see post here.) I decided to wear both pieces and already I have gotten so many "I like your dress" "Your dress is nice" "You look so girly" ooh little do they know that these are separates. 
WARNING!! This post is picture HEAVY! and believe it or not these are not all the pictures I took. Posing is not easy o! Especially if you are shy like me. But I need to overcome so hopefully that will mean more Outfit posts.
The Rukky Simone piece I decided to start with is the Leopard one; anyone that knows me knows how much I love my Leopard prints. I used a vintage belt to break up the pieces and I wore some old peach coloured sandals from Dorothy Perkins. I  know so many "Fashionista's" frown at kitten heels but I do a lot of moving around so heels are hardly an option for me while I am at work.... But I'm trying to change that after all I'm no granny and If I don't put unnecessary stress on my knees now when will I?

 I  actually had a lot of fun taking these pictures which surprised me cause there were some people staring while I was taking the pictures... So would you guys like more posts like this? Let me know, let me knowww :)

Have a good day lovelies.

Pictures taken by my little terrorist friend Freda! :)

Outfit: Eve and Tribe (Rukky Simone)
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Old - Dorothy Perkins



  1. oh my you look fabulous....your hair and smile:)
    i'd love to see more this

  2. Gorgeous baby oku (ochingi) how much I love calling u dt name. U look fab.😍😍😍😍😍😍


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