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Hey guys!
how's the week going? mine's been chilled not too stressful which I'm thankful for. I bought this book last week and after finishing it at the weekend I decided to do a post on it.
This novel is set in Lagos, Nigeria and chronicles the lives of the members of a polygamous family.

This novel is centred around the Alao family mainly Baba Segi and his 4 wives. It begins with the addition of his fourth wife Bolanle; her being younger and educated ruffles the other wives which leads them to do some desperate things.
 The story is told from alternating perspectives of the four wives chronicling the journey each has travelled which led them to Baba Segi. The transition between characters is smooth and the story unravels easily to reveal the very different reasons each wife has for being married to Baba Segi several dark secrets within the household are revealed as the story unfolds touching on rape, death, juju (voodoo), lies, desperation and the general complications of a polygamous family.

I really enjoyed this book it tackled some pretty deep things. As a Nigerian I could understand and In some way, relate to the story. 

If you're looking for something to read I recommend this It's a quick thought provoking novel...

Have you read this? 
What are you currently reading? 
Any novels you think i i would enjoy? Talk to me :)


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