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Hi guys!
Long time! I've gone from one issue to another....I formatted my memory card by mistake and lost all my data!! I almost cried....then, my laptop crashed! Baby girl was tired...Laptop sorted, pictures (some) taken again so we are back in business :)
We are currently enjoying a 4 day "weekend" in Nigeria thanks to the Eid celebrations (I love holidays and I will take them wherever I can) 
I hope you are enjoying your break so far...I'm certainly not looking forward to the end of the holiday!
So, going from my last post here's a combined haul from Inglot... 

I got these (above) first :

Cream concealer (Freedom system) in shade 100
A palette for the concealer
Lipstick - 417 

Inglot was kind enough to offer 36% off RRP on the 1st of October (Nigeria's independence day) I decided to go back and pick up the foundation and some other bits. My reasoning being if I got them on sale and it turned out that I didn't like a product I wouldn't feel as bad as if I had paid full price... Plus who doesn't like a sale?

YSM cream foundation - 54
Pressed powder (freedom system) - 31
Lipstick - 420

I have used all products so, I will have more detailed individual posts of reviews and swatches up soon!

Did any one take advantage of the sale? what did you buy?



  1. Iglot is like a candy store, can't wait for your reviews! x x

    1. Hi Jennifer! It sure is I had to practise serious self restraint thanks for stopping by x


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