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"warning: not to be used in the eye area" I wonder why though...I have used it underneath my eyes and I have not had any issues.

I know it looks a bit too light but once blended, it's barely noticeable. 
taken indoors without flash

Foundation blended lightly using a beauty blender... Can you tell where the foundation is? (I didn't blend as much as I would if this was my face)
taken indoors without flash

Foundation blended lightly using a beauty blender
taken indoors with flash

Hey guys!
How's your day going? I'm currently blogging from my bed...Took a much needed sick day today and I have been glued to my bed watching series...I caught up on Scandal, Shonda Rhimes is the "gift" that keeps on giving in other words, I enjoyed the episode..I also just finished season 1 of "House of cards" anyone watch? the relationship between Francis and Claire weird yet intriguing...Gearing up to start watching season 2...Yes I'm trying to make the most of today as it's back to work for me tomorrow...
Today's post will be on my thoughts about Inglot's YSM foundation (duh!)
I have used this foundation a couple of times since purchase and I have a love/hate relationship with it.
I'll break my review down into bits to simplify things.

Price is 2,900 Naira
Shade: 54
 Colour match is pretty decent, I asked at the store what "undertone" this foundation is but unfortunately, She didn't know. the reason I asked this question (minus info for you guys) is because I have (and use) foundations that are deemed warm, cool and neutral! I have come to the conclusion that I either have both warm and cool undertones or i'm just neutral!
I do find that this leans a bit cool and can appear cakey if I'm being too generous with my application.

Texture: this foundation is marketed as a "cream" foundation but in my opinion it's more like a "thick" liquid foundation that dries to a semi matte finish.

Longevity: lasting power of this foundation on my oily albeit primed skin is average. after a couple of hours it starts to fade in oilier places like my nose (I have this problem with my other foundations)

Coverage is very light so if you have blemish free skin (How did you get so lucky?) and you just need something to even things out a bit then this is right up your alley but if you have blemishes (active pimples, scars etc) then please know that this foundation will not do much to mask any of that. You will need concealer to create a "flawless" base.

Packaging and Size:  Standard 30 ml (I actually checked my other foundations lol), comes in Squeezable tube which I have no problems with. Product dispensed easily.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have a love/hate (dislike more like) relationship with this foundation. I love the price, I love that it comes in a squeezable tube (foundations without pumps are annoying and those with  pumps are still annoying cause pumps tend to clog up but they are more sanitary), I'm ok with the colour match but I would have liked more coverage however, I'm sure when I finally get my skin to be blemish free (touch wood) that won't be a problem.

The YSM foundation and a lot more can be purchased at the Inglot store in the Palms (beside Shoprite) 
I feel like this post has gone on for too long...sorry for all the rambling....I'm off to inhale some cat fish pepper soup! How are you spending your day?



  1. haha! Color undertone is a problem! sigh

    P.S using some type of makeup products underneath your eyes may cause sagging, or make the under eye very sensitive, which makes it prone to redness and overdrying, trust me I experience this. You might not see it now... so in this case best to follow the instructions! It is hard for we makeup junkies I know lool

    Need to stop reading Inglot reviews, so I don't find my way into their store again!!
    Nice review

    1. Oh wow! Will not use this near my eyes again! Thanks for that info. I know what you mean about staying away from reviews... Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Like the longevity and the coverage,got my eyes on their eye shadows.

    1. how did I miss this? :( Their eyeshadows are super pretty! Go for it ;)


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