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Hey guys!
I decided to have something different for dinner yesterday and I settled on Cauliflower rice. I had heard about cauliflower being used as  a "rice" substitute and I was curious but I had not tried it until yesterday a couple of my friends were interested so I decided to do a post.
I've been trying to clean up my diet not to say I'm staying off rice, I'm just trying to reduce the frequency of consumption.

Smoked chicken, cauliflower florets, green bell pepper and carrots  ( I ended up using just 1 carrot)

First thing I did was grate the Cauliflower 

Prepare the other vegetables. I peeled the Carrots and cut them into circles, cored the Bell pepper and diced them and sliced a small red Onion. 
Please feel free to cut them however you like. I wanted them to have different shapes for texture.

I was too hungry so I didn't take step by step pictures. besides I thought it'd be a bit silly here are the steps I used:

heat up a table spoon and a half of  oil (I used vegetable oil) 
Add the onions and carrots and allow them to sautee for a few minutes (time frame depends on how soft you want the carrots to be, I like my carrots to still have some crunch so I didn't cook it for too long)
Next I added the bell pepper and peas (these were bought in error I asked them to buy me string beans but I saw peas when I got home) 
I spiced using some thyme, curry, a scotch bonnet pepper, half of a knorr cube  and a pinch of salt
I decided to "shred" the chicken. I still put the bone into what I was cooking to get flavour.
I cooked all these for about 3-5 mins (sorry wasn't timing x_x)
Then I added the Cauliflower stirred, added very little water and covered the pot and allowed it to cook for another 90 seconds and it was done.

Finished product :)

This isn't all that was yielded just the quantity I was eating. there was about half of what's pictured above left.

Bon apetit!

So is this something you think you'd like? or will try? I love Cauliflower so I enjoyed it. Only thing I would change is the addition of the Peas. I ended up removing them while eating. There are so many variations to Cauliflower 'rice' so if you do try this please feel free to experiment!
If you try making Cauliflower rice please let me know how you get on and share your recipes!



Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment; You are appreciated x

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