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Hey guys!
Does anything say "Spring" like pastels? I'm a fan of pastels and how they work with my skin tone. Anyway, this is what I'm wearing today. Easy and comfortable no belly sucking or worrying about rolls :)

 Bag: Balenciaga, Watch: DKNY
This bag is actually meant to be a back pack but I'm not a fan of those so I altered it. 

 The beginning of a laughing episode 

 Even more laughter
 As my laughter progresses I tend to either cover my mouth or hide my face x_x

Shirt - Nine west jeans
Jeans - Rich & Skinny
Shoes- Topshop

***Please view in "web version" for clearer pictures if you are using a mobile device***

The weekend is upon us yet again do you have any plans? I have Zero plans but what else is new?lol

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. i love your smile and the colour of the bag and shoes. cute.


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