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So, from my last post (here) you know yesterday I spent part of my lunch time at L'espace shopping... I'd stumbled on Raya jewellery on Instagram and I instantly fell in like with the pieces. I emailed them to enquire about how to order but got no response (it wasn't their fault though just cyber space working against my inner shopaholic)... Fast forward to a few days (maybe a week but who's counting) I found out their pieces are now stocked at L'espace!

 I tried to find info on the brand but the most I could get is - They are a jewellery brand based in Lagos with unique designs made using precious stones. (basically their bio on Instagram LOL)

 Raya jewellery does an array of statement pieces like necklaces, cuffs and earrings
I settled on a couple of earrings to welcome Raya jewellery into my boudoir

I have no idea what these stones could be but I thought it was very pretty 
Price - 10,000 Naira

You see how the earring post is bent? Initially, I thought it was weird but when I wore this earring, there was no droop downward or forward... you know when you feel like your earring is about to somersault off your ear? or you feel like your ear piercing is about rip... No? OK as you were...
I believe the design of the earring post is what makes the earring hang properly without the aforementioned issues.
Shows a lot of thought went into producing this earring.

 Price - 8,000 Naira

I think the stones in this earring are Quartz and Mother of pearl - don't quote me though, I might be wrong. I wish there was information about the stones used...

If you're into statement pieces check them out!

Purchase: L'espace - 19a Olosa street off Karimu Kotun Victoria Island.

I loved A LOT of the pieces and I'm sure if my friend hadn't cautioned me I would have purchased even more. One thing's for sure though, I will be going back for more :)



  1. Both so pretty! Lord knows I don't need any jewellery I shall stay away from L'espace for some time.

    1. Girllllll stay away then. I'm already dreaming of some pieces. Someone take away my cards pls 🙈


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