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Hey guys!
How are you doing? I feel like I'm living in bondage with this fuel scarcity issue... No fuel, No light... I'm just thankful we have diesel - I refuse to think of what will happen if we run out of diesel before this madness is sorted!  I hope you are in good spirits and maybe you have a full tank? please buy cooking gas as I hear that will become scarce if things continue like this...
Anyway, on to the matter at hand, Colourpop cosmetics has been popping up all over the place so you know I had to get a bit of the action!

Colourpop cosmetics are an affordable American cosmetics company that make Lip liners, lippie stix, blush, eyeshadowhighlighter and bronzer.

Last week I managed to get my hand on a lippie stix (lipstick) They had some really pretty Colourpop eye shadows and I was tempted but I knew it'd just gather dust in my possession. I've got my eye on some cheek products though :)

I got Lumiere - a matte dusty mauve pink colour; Honestly I really wanted the darker colours but this is all I could get my hand on at the moment and you know I wasn't going to not get it. 

lip swatch

I'm not wearing lip liner here. This is Lumiere straight from the tube.


I like this colour it has decent payoff (two swipes and I was good to go) it's an easy wearable "everyday" colour - perfect for the office (if you have issues with wearing bright lip colour to work try this colour). Even though it's tagged as matte it is not dry on the lips (I always wear lip balm before applying any lip product though), Lasting power is average and after sometime I had that nasty line (you know when the product gathers and settles into a line) Maybe I should have exfoliated my lips? I've read that some people didn't like the white packaging because of dirt - errr you can wipe it clean I don't see the problem... I actually like the fact that it's different from the usual lipstick tube :) 
Colourpop is affordable and they have an extensive range so I will definitely grab a lot more products so expect some more reviews.

I got mine from cosmeticsquare on sale for 1,960 Naira - they still have some colourpop products in stock so check them out.

price: 2000 - 2500 Naira
Purchase from: , or

Have you gotten your hands on some Colourpop?

God bless Nigeria!

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