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Hey beauts!
Am I the only one inundated with pictures and reviews of the new Nars foundation and concealer? This caused me to resurrect my one and only Nars product; a blush.

Taj Mahal damn near has cult status
A few years ago after reading & watching a million and one reviews I decided I "needed" it in my life so I sent my dad who was on a trip to purchase it. Only to get the words no shopaholic ever wants to hear - "it's been discontinued"  
That didn't stop me though. I tracked it down via Amazon paid and went to bed a happy girl. 
I've got good news though, Nars got some sense and brought it back so have no fear.

This blush on my skin tone is BEAUTIFUL! even though I've had this blush for a few years it remains one of my favourites. It gives me that 'glowing from within' look when ever I use it. It's shimmery but it's so finely milled that it goes on smoothly without any glittery chunks like it just "melts" into my skin. It is long lasting and I don't have problems with fading : )

If you are in Nigeria you can purchase Taj Mahal from 
Price -7,500 Naira
Are you a Nars lover? what's your favourite Nars product if you are...



  1. I've been wanting this for a while, but 'cause I have the casabella one, I've not given into temptation. Literally had this in my hand at the sephora store on my last trip but I was down to my last cash and I easily talked myself out of it. LOL.


    1. You know I never pay attention to makeup in Casabella...I will have a look at what they have when next I'm in there. When the cash is low wisdom sets in Lol! I just wish sleek would go ahead an make a dupe for this blush.


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