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Hey guys... How are you doing? 
I'm here to rant... I was getting ready a few days ago and it happened to be a "makeup" day (I don't wear makeup everyday) and mid way, I pulled out some wipes and just wiped it all off. I was frustrated, annoyed, pissed (I could go on but I will spare you) my foundation looked off... Now i'm sure frequent readers(hey boo!) know that I mix foundations... I hate this process but it is necessary! After hours (more like years) of research, I know that this is due to foundations not matching my "undertone"... I've even had "makeup artist/SA's" match me wrongly... I remember asking one makeup artist what she thought my undertone was and she goes she doesn't know and that she doesn't believe in it... no surprise that the foundation she matched me to ended up being all wrong! I was just like....

Image result for angry meme

Currently, I think I have maybe one foundation that works perfectly OK in terms of blending seamlessly and doing what I want in terms of coverage, oil control etc.

I'm seriously considering trying out MAC's "Matchmaster" foundation since that supposedly is devoid of the undertone problem... we'll see how that goes....I will be sure to stop by an Estee Lauder stand  whenever I'm able to as I really want to try out the double wear foundation heard so many good things about it and it looks like they have a decent amount of foundation shades that cater to us chocolate babies.

for those who might be wondering, there are 3 undertone categories: cool, warm and neutral.

cool- pink, red or bluish undertones
warm- yellow, peachy, golden undertones
neutral- a mix of both warm and cool

the most popular way of determining your undertone is by looking at your wrist...what's the colour of your veins blue - cool undertone, green - warm undertone, hard to tell - neutral undertone

Another "test" can be done using jewellery... If you look better in silver - cool undertone, gold - warm undertone, you look good in both silver and gold - neutral undertone

I think I have warm undertones with maybe a dash of neutral...

Here's hoping the Matchmaster will be a good match (pun intended)... I will let you guys know how we get along if I'm able to get my hands on it and if I don't change my mind.

if you have a foundation that works perfectly for you, give praise to God you are lucky! hopefully I will be joining you in that team soon :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. From your analysis I have a warm undertone. Black up works fine for me and I have extremely oily skin.
    Maybe you should try out samples before purchasing the full product, that will help, with a good primer

    1. I'll check BlackUp out. Thanks for your recommendation

  2. I recently started using Matchmaster and it is working perfectly.
    In the past I had to mix foundations, Mary Kay o, Revlon o, Tara o, I got the wrong Black up shade too so I had to mix but yeah, try the Match master. I'm just about to put up a Make up pictorial with it sef.
    I discovered your blog through Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast and I'm Loving it!

  3. Hey Tuke,
    Thank you! I bought the matchmaster and I'm loving it. I should have a blog post about it soonish. Looking forward to your pictorial. Xx


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