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Hey guys!
How's your weekend going? 
If you're a long time blog reader (thank you!) you might remember a book haul post I did in 2014 *gasp*...
Growing up I loved reading books... It was my escape I seldom was without a novel. But unfortunately I had been in a funk and I had stopped reading like I used to... Until yesterday... You see I was home, slightly bored and without light - what else is new these days... Nepa how far? I digress lol and instead of spending my time complaining about the situation I was in, I went to my book stash and pulled out this novel...

To say I enjoyed this book would be an understatement. It reminded me of years past because I suddenly became attached to it. It went almost every where I did... Going to make lunch? No problem it will keep me company while I wait for the egusi soup to heat up. When night time came I found myself using a torch to read (please don't be daft like me) until I could tear myself away to turn on the generator.

The 'Concubine' is a twisted love story set in the Eastern part of Nigeria With sprinkles of village life, friendship, desperation and African mythology... I really don't want to give to much away but if you like reading then I recommend this. 

My next read will either be 'Honourable'  by Bobo Omotayo or Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe.

What are you reading at the moment?



  1. I loved this book, even though the ending was poignant. It's actually one of my fave books by an African author. I think my favourite line from it is actually an Igbo proverb I've heard my mother say again and again: "Onye kwe, chi ya ekwe", which loosely translates to "one's destiny depends on his will", and this is what stood out for me the most in this book. Does destiny trump free will/determination? I like a book that makes me think and this definitely did. I'm currently reading Under The Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta.

    1. Yay! I'm glad you like it too. Yes the end was definitely poignant... It even took me by surprise... I think destiny surpasses free will o! But, what do I know?! I want to read under the udala tree but, at 8k on Konga I'm dragging my feet.

  2. IKR? It's rather expensive. Luckily, someone sent me a link to download an epub copy for free.

    1. Ah! Can the link be used more than once? Pls email me if it can!

    2. Hi could you send me the link if it's still active

    3. pls can you send the download link for the THE CONCUBINE to me too. could not find ecopy anywhere, incl AMAZON

    4. grateful if you send me link to download THE CONCUBINE. Could not find ecopy anywhere incl AMAZON

    5. I would love to read this book. I have read so many great reviews. It is rather hard to come by, though. Is it possible you could also share the epub with me? I would be most grateful.

  3. The stubborn part of me likes to think that free will surpasses destiny. I don't like to think life has been decided and we have no real say in how it turns out. But then again...

  4. could i please have the link too?

  5. Hi guys I don't have a link this is an actual book. Sorry!


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