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Blazer: Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Eve and Tribe (old)
Jeans: Uniqlo
Bag: Zashadu 
Shoes: Gianni Bini

"How does it feel to be a year older?" I never know how to answer this question because I don't feel "older" I mean for me it is either you are a child, teenager or adult and I have been an adult for a while...Lol
I'm sure you're thinking to yourself what's she on about....My birthday was on Monday (throws confetti) and I had that question asked alot and it felt like the askers were expecting some deep ass response which I obviously didn't have.
So, what is it to be 'older' is it the discovery of grey hair? (Nope my younger brother started greying maybe in the womb Lol) or a new wrinkle? or losing the firmness in your midsection (which you took for granted)
The only thing I can say is this birthday was filled with love and happiness and I don't mean gifts.

I appreciate everyone that took the time out to wish me a happy birthday some of you made me cry (tears of joy - obviously!) so, thank you and Amen to all your prayers

what does getting 'older' mean to you?



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