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 I bought this mask on a whim...totally unplanned but, what else is new lol I spotted Black Sea Mud and Vitamin C and before I knew it I was at the counter after doing some googling because research is key. 

Beauty Tip: Apply your masks with a foundation brush. You get even application without messing up your fingers :)
I was expecting a black mask but it's actually grey. 

This mask tingles... that is the first thing I noticed after applying it; I was praying it meant it was "working" and not an allergic reaction.
Thankfully no allergic reaction or breakout was experienced. Just glowy, soft, decongested skin. Now, this mask is my no means a miracle worker but it's a decent mask that does an ok job of decongesting the skin which is what I was after. I have only used it a couple of times so I cannot say if it helps reduce dark spots like it claims.
However, it is fragranced which I am not crazy about. It is not that it's a bad scent I'm just not crazy about heavy fragrances in my skincare. 

I bought this from Healthplus Pharmacy
Price: N2,600


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